My story, my vision...


My name is Amy Pearl Markham and I am the gal behind Amy Pearl Photo. I thought for my first blog post it could be fun to introduce myself, tell my story, and the vision I have for this blog!

I am 28 years old...I'm a wife, a mamma of a beautiful 2 year old girl and I am slightly obsessed with photography, the ocean and surfing.

Having grown up by the sea, I always saw it as my playground, my escape and my happy place. I started surfing at 5 years old and became completely addicted from day one. By age 15 I signed with Billabong and starting competing in all of the junior comps and had a great time doing so. It was always such a healthy lifestyle for me as a young girl and created so many opportunities! These included competing around Australia as a junior, going with the Billabong team to compete in New Zealand, and also travelling to Portugal to represent Australia in the World Junior Titles with 3 other girls at age 18. 

Competitive surfing ran its course in my life but my love for surfing and the ocean never will. It was this love, combined with my love of creative expression and imagery, that saw me investing in my first DSLR and surf housing. 

Over the last 5 years I have grown incredibly in my love for photography, both in the ocean and out. I love nothing more than sharing the beauty I see with other people!

On this blog I hope to share surfing tips and interviews, healthy lifestyle content, exciting new brands and products, as well as interviews with rad people, doing great things. Each of these blog entries will be accompanied beautiful, original imagery of course! 

SO... If this sounds like your cup of tea, come and join me for the ride. If you know someone or are someone that share this vision and would like to be featured on this blog, then shoot me through an email. I'd love to chat. 

Amy. xx


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