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Summer has well and truly kicked in and I thought it could be fun to share my favourite tried and tested products this season. Check them all out below!



Penelope Twist swimwear. I had the honour of shooting this gorgeous label's first campaign and I fell in love with their collection. The swimwear is Italian Lycra made with 100% recycled nylon yarn. It is perfect for the active ocean lover with an ethical heart.  

Check them out here.

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Salty Silvers jewellery. I am in love with these sterling silver beauties made by Gold Coast gal Maddy Hoffman. Every piece is unique and of the highest quality. I love how my rings also reflect my heart for the ocean wherever I go. 

Have a browse here

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The Beach People. I can't get enough of these towels (and all of the other beautiful yet practical products) from my friends over at The Beach People. This round towel comes with me everywhere! From long beach days, to sunset sessions on the headland to using it as a poncho after a water session. It is huge, made with the highest quality and the designs are stunning. 

Have a look here

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Kippy Skateboards. These boards are like artworks yet they are also functional. The skateboard pictured here is my personal Kippy Skateboard that I bought a while back and I am so stoked with it. If you need a new cruiser or even a rad looking deck for your wall, I recommend a Kippy.

Check them out here

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Will & Bear, Smile & Outland Denim. These brands are not only some of the most stylish and creative labels on the market, they also exist to make the world a better place. Will & Bear are an Australian label who make unisex hats built for the road. Buying one hat means that ten trees will be planted. Smile Clothing have one of my favourite social media accounts full of beautiful and creative imagery and their clothes are just as rad. For every item of clothing sold, they donate a School Uniform or T-shirt to a child in need. I have 2 pairs of Outland Denim jeans and they are the best fitting, highest quality and most stylish jeans I have had the pleasure of owning. Outland Denim is sustainably made and fighting slavery. 

Do yourself a favour and check out these brands here, here & here

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Une Piece. I own two of these beautiful pieces and I am in love with them both. They are perfect for long summer days when you need some extra sun protection. They are comfy and great to swim and surf in, perfect for anyone spending many hours in the sun. 

Shop yours here.

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Sun & Earth Zinc. I've been using this zinc every day this summer and it has not let me down! It is handmade, all Natural and comes in 3 skin tones. It goes on smoothly and stays on for hours. Perfect!

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Metis Skin Radiance Dry Oil. This oil is formulated with rich Argan Oil and is infused with plant-derived Squalene, along with Grapefruit, Geranium & Lavender essential oils. It is so moisturising after a long day of salt and sun and it dries on your skin without any greasiness. 

Check the Metis range here

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