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Last week my husband Daniel and I, as well as my Sister in-law Shannon and her husband Jordan, had a window to get out and explore a little. We threw the boards in the car and travelled down the coast a little to one of the most beautiful, raw locations you could imagine...

I'd learnt about the spot as a little kid from my step-dad who was a local and had taken me there a few times. Back then, before the world of social media took off, it really was a secret spot. You'd never see more than one or two other people down there. These days, especially on school holidays, the spot can get some people flowing through, however its still just as incredible as ever. Out of respect to the locals, I will not name the location, if you know, you know...but I'll keep quiet on where this slice of paradise is. 

The day begun with us throwing the surf boards in the car and driving south a little. We took the scenic way down south and my soul re-filled as we left our town behind and drove into a land of never ending nature. Mountains, farms, fields and the distant ocean blurred into a visual symphony beyond my window. We took the turn off towards our location and began the 15-20 minute journey driving up a winding, dirt track, surrounded by Australian native bush. Upon arriving at the location we grabbed our gear and started upon a 20 minute bush walk along a goat's trail, anticipation building as we wondered what kind of conditions we'd be greeted by. 

At the end of the goat's track we arrived at the top of a slanted cliff over-looking the most breath taking beach scene I'd ever laid eyes on. Like I said - I've been here several times before -  but never have I seen all the elements come together to be this perfect before. The water was crystal clear and turquoise in colour. The waves looked so perfect it almost gave the impression of a wave pool. Perfect 2-3 foot lefts running from one corner leading into peaks all the way down the beach. The break was framed by dreamy looking rock pools all around its edges. The beach was seasoned with the whitest coloured sand and was enclosed by tropical Pandanus trees leading up to contrasting, earthy cliffs. We had found paradise. 

Climbing down the cliff with boards and my camera back pack was interesting, but the excitement of being in this paradise virtually carried us down the cliff. We set up our little base on the beach and the rest of the day was a blissful blur of swimming, surfing, exploring and photographing each moment. 

Leaving this special place with a day packed full of adventure, my skin tingled from the salt and sun overdose, my feet ached from the barefoot hike, and my arms were exhausted from all the surfing, but my soul and camera were full and the smile on my face has not faded since.  


Pictured below is an assortment of photographs from the day. Featured is my husband, myself & my sis in-law and her husband. Enjoy. x

Surf board: Dead Kooks 

Rashie: Une Piece

Camera: Canon Australia

Shannon's swimsuit: Zulu & Zepher

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