Adventures with KIPPY

To live a life of creative expression is a beautiful thing. To do so out of a place of freedom, purpose and direction is even greater. Someone that I admire for doing just this is Kippy from 'Kippy Skateboards'.

Kippy spends her time creating beautiful art pieces that happen to also be incredibly functional skateboards and she sells them from her stylish workspace in Currumbin as well as all over the world via her online store.  Recently I had the pleasure of hanging with Kippy for a morning out in the Valley where we chatted, explored, skated and met some of the local horses. We talked a bit about what motivates her, the process of creating the way she does and more. Check it out below & enjoy!


Find Kippy Skateboards website HERE & her Instagram HERE. (@kippyskateboards)



How did you get into making skateboards?

Making boards began after my brother and I had our boards stolen, I liked a pretty particular shape so just decided on making my own, how I would like.

What motivates you to create the way you do?

I find a passion & motivation for creating through knowing my Creator. This gives not only my brand, but my whole life purpose. Knowing Jesus gives everything purpose and so creating becomes an overflow as I turn to Him for all my needs - including creativity. I don't think I could do anything without Him. I get inspired by all sorts of things too, nature, colours, textures - but if I didn't have Jesus as my foundation & source I would be lost.

What's your favourite part of the process?

It actually always changes, sometimes it is just seeing a finished product, but then also conceptualising and getting inspired by something strongly is cool to.

Why are your boards unique?

I guess what makes them unique is that they are each made to order, they can be custom made, and I just put lots of love and care into them and really appreciate every order I get.

Have you done much travelling?

A little bit.

What's your favourite trip you've done and why?

Japan! I travelled with such a fun group. Everything about it was incredible. The people are so kind & hospitable, the city is interesting everywhere, the food is delicious (maybe except for octopus balls HA) and the snow! The mountains & village we stayed in Niseko was one of the most beautiful places I have experienced! I think about it all the time..

Wait and honeymooning in South France, magnifique !

Do you have any hobbies?

I am enjoying delving more into art and finding new interest in different styles. I like long boarding little waves and making coffee at home

What's your favourite label right now?

Now (and maybe always) Zulu & Zephyr haha! The aesthetic!

What do you see in the future for Kippy Skateboards?

I really hope to have a big nice space to share with people, to create in, and skate at.


Below are some captures of our morning spent skating, chatting and exploring through our beautiful local Valley.


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