Women of the Sea

What a time to be a woman who loves the ocean! I grew up in the era right before woman’s surfing took off. You know- that pre “Blue Crush” time when all my surfing buddies were boys. There was nothing wrong with this, heck, it was kind of cool having no gossip, no pressure and no worry about what you wore in the surf. (Trust me, it was bad. Really bad. Think boardies to the knee and oversized shirts or rashies).

But there was something missing. There was no expression or celebration of femininity in the waves. Then that little something called “Blue Crush” I mentioned came along when I was 12 years old. I sat up the back of the movie theatre in awe of the girls just like me who had an affinity for the ocean and weren’t afraid to live a life dedicated to the waves.

At 15 I was lucky enough to get scouted by Billabong to ride for their brand and it was an exciting time of discovery for me. A discovery of not only endless outfits of cute and feminine surf gear but also a celebration of girls surfing and loving the coastal lifestyle without having to try blend in with the boys.

Women’s surfing has come a long way since I was a young girl. Now we have endless inspiration of women dedicated to their craft of the sea. There are short-boarders shredding with power and progression, paired with a grace and elegance that only women can bring to the sport. Long boarders dancing upon ocean top, with unrivalled grace and precision. Water women who’s hearts are equally sold to the pursuit of capturing creative imagery and surfing the waves of the sea.

There are stunning boutique labels dedicated to femininity in the ocean, selling beautiful swimwear that are also functional. We have magazines full of stories and inspiration and a World Tour full of gorgeous, fearless and talented professional athletes. We have women who make a living as professional ocean photographers and women who just love to have fun and get salty every day before work.

What a time to be alive and celebrating our place in the ocean as women. 


Amy MarkhamComment