Byron Bay with Anaïs Pierquet

Hanging in Byron with Anaïs Pierquet (@facingblankpages)


When I received a message from Anaïs Pierquet, the gal behind one of my favourite accounts on Instagram @facingblankpages, saying that she would soon be in Aus and keen to meet up, I was stoked to say the least. Ana has a captivating style both in and out of the water, matched by a creative soul and graceful approach to life. She grew up in France and now lives in Bali where you can find her expressing her creativity on the waves, in her writing and in her painting. 

Ana had been staying in Byron to compete in the Mctavish Trim event and was staying at a friend's house on Wategos beach. The timing was perfect as I had a window of opportunity to travel the beautiful 1 hour journey down south to Wategos to meet Ana. It was pouring rain for the entire morning, however we were lucky to have the sun appear just in time for a couple of hours shooting. Ana had the most warm and friendly presence, one of those people you feel like you have known for ages within minutes of meeting them. The waves were tiny but the conditions were perfect and what ensued was a couple hours of perfection, as Ana danced elegantly over the crystal clear waters of Byron Bay. 

Ana's story is as unique and beautiful as she is, grab a coffee, sit back, and have a read below...

Where did you grow up and what was it like?

I grew up in the mountains of the Alps, in a tiny village of France, right at the border of Switzerland ! What was it like ? Mmmh it was cold but fun I guess haha! Weirdly, I don’t remember so much of my childhood, I have some kind of amnesia about it. It doesn’t bother me so much, there is probably a good reason why I don’t want to remember. 

As a kid I was pretty quite and shy, the anxious kind that stays in the back of the classroom. A totally different person :)


How did you get into long boarding?

I started long boarding about 2 years ago when I moved to Bali. As a kid I was always dreaming about surf and Hawaii and it’s frangipani flowers. I have no idea where that comes from. I like to think that in a past life I was Hawaiian or something, and that my soul belongs to the ocean! When I started longboarding it was just a quick hobby. After a while I got so much into it, I always wanted to be in the water and it became my moment of peace.


What's your favourite thing about long boarding?

As I always say long boarding is way more than only surfing. A friend once told me ‘“I am not here for the girls, i am here to make Art.” :) He is a really good long boarder ! I found this sentence so right, it is an art. 

To me it’s a way to show who I am. I was a dancer for 12 years back in the days. Somehow long boarding is very gracious, it feels like dancing on water, but also very dynamic and exciting. You can flow with the waves or throw big turns with power and either are so much fun. 

What I love the most is to be in the middle of the ocean, reconnecting to my soul. 

I am very sensitive and my mind can be very strong sometimes. To let go of all those thoughts that doesn’t really make sense, I need time with the nature and the ocean. There I can find peace, and feel free in my soul.


Do you have any other passions or hobbies?

Yes haha hundreds :) Mainly I love to write or paint. Art is also a getaway for me, I put my emotions back in the sky and it feels good. Other than that, I love to make movies or photography, pet my cat and eat ice cream definitely !


What does a normal day involve for you, living in Bali?

A normal day in Bali is a sunrise surf at first. 

I love to go surf at sunrise, the colours of the sky and clouds are so beautiful, it’s even hard to believe sometimes. It happens that I miss waves because i’m staring at the sky haha ! I’m too much of a dreamer I guess !

After surfing,  I usually go get breakfast with friends, having a chat about how we got smash at surf right before! Then I go back home and work on what I feel like working on. 

Sometimes I do some prints design for collaboration with brands, paint or draw also. Sometimes a little nap also to get some power for surfing at sunset !


What or who is inspiring you at the moment?

Lately I’ve been stocked to see the photos and videos of the skateboarder Elise Crigar. 

She is from California, such an inspiring soul and woman. 

Humble heart, amazing photographer and true human, everything I look upon !


What's your favourite label right now?

It’s been a while that I’m a huge fan of my friends brand Dolphin love swimwear !

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