Sea Tornado

Sea Tornado


Last week we spent a few days camping on the beach at one of our favourite island locations just a couple hours from home. On Friday morning we drove down the beach and parked in front of some perfect little log runners and my husband began to get ready for a surf. At this point the sun was still out and there were some beautiful dark contrasting clouds on the horizon.

As Daniel was getting ready for his surf, the sky flashed a few times and we looked at each other wondering what it was (sounds obvious, but the sun was out and it snuck up on us without warning) only to be shaken by one of the loudest and most random thunder claps we’ve ever heard. With the waves looking fun Daniel decided to make his way down for a quick surf anyway, while keeping an eye on the approaching storm. Before we knew it the most amazing water spout had formed, dancing around the ocean out to sea, creating an incredible backdrop while we surfed and sat in awe.

Please enjoy a few of the frames I captured of the larger water spout which had us in awe, before turning into two smaller versions and finally fading into nothing.


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